Cost-effective and highly scalable emotion measurement technology based on automated facial expression recognition and eye tracking compatible with webcams.
Highly scalable emotion measurement based on automated facial expression recognition and eye tracking.

Use artificial intelligence to measure emotions based on automated facial expression recognition software. Cloud services or local installation available.

Passively capture human emotions from facial expressions by tracking over 143 points on a face using only a simple webcam.

Passively capture human emotions from facial expressions and eye movements by tracking hundreds of muscle movements using only a webcam.

Integrates into existing data collection frameworks and platforms.

Available in a wide range of online and offline platforms including mobile applications. Integrates into existing data collection frameworks and platforms.


Optimized for measuring emotions online with cloud computing and real-time operation. Capable to service high volume applications.


nViso provides the most scalable, robust, and accurate artificial intelligence solutions to measure instantaneous emotional reactions of consumers in online and retail environments. We provide real-time and highly actionable information for Market Research, Brands, Creative Agencies and R&D Product Development.

Using award winning artificial intelligence and proprietary deep learning 3D Facial Imaging technology, compatible with ordinary webcams, we uncover the why and how of customer behaviour in real-time, letting brands make smarter business decisions.

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Silicon Valley Meets Switzerland 2016
Zurich, Switzerland / 31 March, 2016
nViso will present EmotionAdvisor at the Silicon Valley meets Switzerland event in Zurich where leading Silicon Valley startups present latest IT trends and its impact on businesses and consumers. From Switzerland the most promising IT startups and internationally successful IT companies and entrepreneurs will be present. In panel discussions and live interviews chaIlenges in IT innovation, investments and international expansion will be addressed. The event is an ideal platform to share ideas and build strategic alliances and collaboration between individuals and organisations alike. Read More
Consumer Electronics Show 2016
Las Vegas, USA / 6-9 January, 2016
Meet is at CES, Las Vegas for a demonstration of FANCI. CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Held in Las Vegas every year, it has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years—the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.Read More
2nd Annual Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit 2015
New York, USA / 3-4 November, 2015
Digital Marketing for Financial Services is the largest gathering of financial marketers in North America. This one-stop event is designed for CMOs and Financial Marketing Executives looking to convert digital channels into profit. nViso will present EmotionAdvisor, an online tool to help consumers achieve financial well-being. Read More
nViso launches EmotionAdvisor
20th May, 2016
nViso SA has released an online tool EmotionAdvisor to help consumers achieve financial well-being. Using nViso's state-of-the-art emotion recognition technology and cloud based artificial intelligence it lets consumers understand more deeply what they feel, want and need so they can make better financial decisions.

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nViso wins IBM Bestseller Award 2015
14th April, 2016
nViso SA has received the prize of "IBM Cloud and Analytics Bestseller 2015“ during the "Success Made with Partners” conference, attesting to the successful combination of nViso Emotion Analytics and IBM Cloud Services. The CEO of nViso, Tim Llewellynn, was handed the prize by Thomas Landolt, the CEO of IBM Switzerland and Olaf Scamperle, IBM Channel Manager DACH. The nViso team is pleased and honoured to have received this accolade as it acknowledges their leading expertise in growing area of artificial intelligence and big data analytics that holds tremendous potential value for our customers.

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IBM BestSeller Cloud and Analytics Award Photo