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checkSubtle Emotions

Capture subtle, unconscious emotional reactions not reported through questionnaires


Cost-effective and highly scalable compared to other neuro / biometric methods


Captures instantaneous emotional reactions as they occur in real time

checkNon Directive

Overcomes the issues of direct, over-rational questioning

checkNon Instrusive

Passive, needs no hardware or sensors as EEG or GSR

checkCross Cultural

Is consistent in response across cultures and ethnicities

checkNatural Environments

Robustly operates in natural home environments with full global reach

checkMulti Platform

Integrates into a wide range of online and offline platforms

check"Expert" Free

Requires no dedicated equipment or highly trained personnel



nViso is able to measure the emotional response to your brand and the marketing activity that surrounds it in real time. This is accomplished by nViso's proprietary 3D Facial Imaging artificial intelligence technology that automates the recognition of facial micro-expressions exhibited by consumers while experiencing your brand. Using only simple webcams found in ordinary smart phones and computers, consumer engagement to brand experiences can be precisely quantified in natural environments, distilling the essence of those experiences with full global reach.


What you if could accurately measure the emotions your brands evoke? Discover the emotional triggers that drive product awareness, stimulate word-of-mouth, and motivate repurchase.


Understand what drives consumer behavior in real time. nViso can measure the different emotional responses generated by a brand at many touch points.


Create relevant and engaging consumer experiences. Accurately gauge impact of emotional stimuli, associations, and emotional triggers.

Improve accountability and enrich the branding process

3D Facial Imaging revolutionizes the branding process by providing insights that allow companies to develop more relevant and engaging brand experiences through scientifically quantifying emotional aspects of consumer engagement. The resulting metrics enable greater budget accountability and more effective information-based marketing decisions.

By precisely tracking and analyzing levels of customer emotional engagement, marketers gain the ability to :

  • Help determine where to spend the “next best dollar” across media.
  • Quantify the engagement factors that move customers toward increased loyalty and repeat purchase versus those activities that foster brand switching.
  • Monitor emotional engagement on an ongoing basis to forecast consumer involvement with the brand, enabling continuous adjustments and improvements.
  • Reveal what lies beneath consumer attitudes and behavior helping to condense time at every phase of the marketing process.
  • Enterprise grade deployment capabilities

    Emotion Video Analytics is available across three geographic regions including North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific using both IBM SmartCloud Enterprise and IBM System x Servers for onsite installations.

    The IBM SmartCloud is built on the skills, experience and best practices gained from years of managing and operating security-rich data centers for enterprises and public institutions around the world. It is designed to deliver the highest quality, reliability and security possible on a shared infrastructure accessible from the Internet.

    The IBM System x is a family of Intel® processor-based servers, designed to deliver exceptional availability, simplified manageability, outstanding performance and revolutionary scalability for next-generation video processing and analytics applications.

    For more information concerning deployment options of nViso solutions using IBM Products and Services please consult the IBM Global Solutions Directory - Emotion Video Analytics Solution.

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