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checkSubtle Emotions

Capture subtle, unconscious emotional reactions not reported through questionnaires


Cost-effective and highly scalable compared to other neuro / biometric methods


Captures instantaneous emotional reactions as they occur in real time

checkNon Directive

Overcomes the issues of direct, over-rational questioning

checkNon Instrusive

Passive, needs no hardware or sensors as EEG or GSR

checkCross Cultural

Is consistent in response across cultures and ethnicities

checkNatural Environments

Robustly operates in natural home environments with full global reach

checkMulti Platform

Integrates into a wide range of online and offline platforms

check"Expert" Free

Requires no dedicated equipment or highly trained personnel



nViso directly measures the emotional response to creative elements and marketing concepts, enhancing client pitches, identifying new business opportunities, and supporting creative ideation. nViso's proprietary 3D Facial Imaging artificial intelligence technology, automates the recognition of facial micro-expressions, at the exact moment consumers are exposed to marketing stimuli. Using only basic webcams to record and analyze consumer reactions, it can be applied across a broad spectrum of media and consumer touchpoints to provide a 360 degree view of advertising and branding communications.


Equip the creative process with emotional intelligence by measuring emotional state before, during and after advertising and branding exposure.


Reveal the drivers of effective emotional communications and provide accurate customer response to enable faster client-agency decision-making.


Explore emotional response across categories and media channels, identifying new opportunities and supporting creative proposals.

Discuss emotions not surveys

Creative Agencies have long debated the usefulness, and purpose of traditional market research methods. Many have been vocal in denouncing ‘conventional’ ad research methods, claiming that they cannot record emotional response well, or even actively discriminate against more emotional advertising. There is a “so what” critique of ad-research – a view that much communications research is often merely negative, pointing out faults, but doing little to help understand what constitutes ‘great advertising’ in a given category, or helping marketers develop unique and emotionally differentiated material. Underlying both criticisms is the perceived inability of researchers to measure and interpret emotional response.

3D Facial Imaging revolutionizes how we collect and interpret data on advertising material, directly addressing these critisms of conventional research. No complex questions or dials are required - emotional response is measured directly and long-suffering respondents need to do nothing more than watch your video.

Client demand for greater ROI from their communications spend means "accountability" and "effectiveness" are key demands in many client-agency negotiations. nViso provides believable measures of effectiveness based on the direct feedback from the hearts of consumers. We talk "emotions", not jargon, but do it with a degree of realism and accuracy that planners and creatives alike will appreciate. 3D Facial Imaging puts emotion back at the centre of your discourse with clients, supporting a more creative response to client demands and helping understand what kinds of concepts, messages, and imagery will create the most effective communications for their business.

Enterprise grade deployment capabilities

Emotion Video Analytics is available across three geographic regions including North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific using both IBM SmartCloud Enterprise and IBM System x Servers for onsite installations.

The IBM SmartCloud is built on the skills, experience and best practices gained from years of managing and operating security-rich data centers for enterprises and public institutions around the world. It is designed to deliver the highest quality, reliability and security possible on a shared infrastructure accessible from the Internet.

The IBM System x is a family of Intel® processor-based servers, designed to deliver exceptional availability, simplified manageability, outstanding performance and revolutionary scalability for next-generation video processing and analytics applications.

For more information concerning deployment options of nViso solutions using IBM Products and Services please consult the IBM Global Solutions Directory - Emotion Video Analytics Solution.

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