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checkSubtle Emotions

Capture subtle, unconscious emotional reactions not reported through questionnaires


Cost-effective and highly scalable compared to other neuro / biometric methods


Captures instantaneous emotional reactions as they occur in real time


Overcomes the issues of direct, intrusive questioning

checkNon Instrusive

Requires no hardware or physical contact sensors as EEG and GSR

checkCross Cultural

Is consistent in response across cultures and ethnicities

checkNatural Environments

Robustly operates in natural home environments with massive global reach

checkMulti Platform

Can be used across a wide range of online and offline platforms

check"Expert" Free

Requires no dedicated equipment or highly trained personnel

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nViso offers software services involving the capture and analysis of consumer emotions using dynamic facial expression recognition technology, including the reporting and visualization of emotional responses. If your are interested to discuss with us concerning our software and services, please complete the following form and we'll be in touch shortly.